Human Resources

Human Resources

We care about the satisfaction of our employees with the understanding of "Happy employees, happy customers"

Our most important Human Resources goal is to establish a happy and peaceful work environment and to make it permanent by determining a transparent communication style with our employees. We aim to grow day by day with our employees who are happy to be a member of Callart, are highly motivated, open to innovations, and aim to contribute to themselves and their business.


Callart employee profile; It is a human resource that has ethical values, loves its job, is open to development, and believes in teamwork and team spirit. In our new recruitment and internal transition processes, we ensure company employee integrity by moving forward with candidates who are suitable for the corporate culture.


Our employees start to benefit from learning and development opportunities as of the first day they complete the recruitment process and join us. Training and development of our employees; It provides continuity in terms of specializing in their jobs, motivation and being prepared for career opportunities. Internal and external trainings are provided by Experts and Managers so that our employees, who evaluate their internal career opportunities and are subject to the promotion process, are ready for their new positions.

Performance Management

We know that the most important resource that makes our company valuable is people and we shape our investments in this direction. For this reason, we ensure the continuity of employee satisfaction by revealing their potential based on their knowledge, talent and creativity, and by rewarding all our employees with successful performance.