About Us

We appreciate our clients’ needs and provide the right solutions

About us

Established in May 2012, Callart offers alternative solutions to its corporate customers in many areas such as Inbound, Outbound, Sales, Marketing, Web Sales and Logistics. We serve corporate customers in many areas such as Inbound, Outbound, Sales, Marketing, Digital Sales and Logistics with ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 27001 Information Security Management System and ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System. We act fast, simple and with confidence so that our clients can reach opportunities that will make their lives easier. We took action by planning to bring a breath of fresh air to the sector with an innovative, ambitious and competitive foundation. We aim to be a pioneer in the sector with a team that adapts quickly to changes and a technological platform.

Callart with Numbers

Field capacity 3.500 square meters

Seat capacity 750

Total employees 350

%75 postgraduate %25 highschool


  • Our company, which provides boutique call services, provides a fast and success-oriented managed operation, while providing you with a competitive advantage with its competency performance evaluation systems.
  • Accessibility of our office is an important factor for competent employees to choose us.
  • We prepare optimum solutions for your operation in line with your needs.
  • Our management hears you, determines your needs and realizes your goals.
  • Offers suggestions to exceed your goals and has a positive impact on your business results.
  • We happily renew our contracts every year with the win+win method.

Working Women

Working Men

Graduated from a Universty

Corporate values

We Experience the Excitement of Realizing the Goals.
We act together as a team to achieve your goals.
We put our minds and hearts into what we do.
We do our job with devotion.
We care about cooperation.
As a team, we achieve our goals.

The Sectors we offer our services

Tobacco Industry
Food card

​Our business models

Piece-oriented model
Person-centered model
Production oriented model
Revenue driven model
Flexible Models specific to your business