Callart Consulting and Customer Services

Why should your potential customer choose you?

As a partner that grows your business, we offer sales methods to reach your goal.

Sales Management That Reaches Your Goal

Inbound service

Information, Complaint and Suggestion Calls, Technical Service, Appointment Services

Outbound service

Sales and Marketing Calls, Welcome Calls, Collection Calls, Satisfaction Calls

Post-calls and other services

Preparation before Distribution of Documents, Social Media and Other Channels Solution Desk, Consultancy Service

Cargo and Courier Service

Distribution-Collection of Contracts Requiring Original Signature, Digital Document Submission Management, Missing Document Tracking and Management.

We appreciate our clients’ needs and provide the right solutions

About us

Established in May 2012, Callart offers alternative solutions to its corporate customers in many areas such as Inbound, Outbound, Sales, Marketing, Web Sales and Logistics.

Corporate values

We Experience the Excitement of Realizing the Goals. We act together as a team to achieve your goals. We put our minds and hearts into what we do. We do our job with devotion. We care about cooperation. As a team, we achieve our goals. We realize our cooperation with the win-win principle.





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